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Genna Black

Dark & chaotic romance ​auth​or.

With a knack for the steamier side of romance, I craft​ stories that will make you giggle while keeping ​you on the ​edge of your seat.



Whatever Whispers Available ​on Kindle ​Unlimited 10/22/24

On the shadowy campus of Cypress University, where ​ghosts of long-dead secrets linger, an unlikely romance ​falls into the lap of Professor Jack Hollis.

Quite literally.

Quinn Ivor, a brilliant and enigmatic forensic psychology ​student, is in need of a nanny job. A girl can only survive ​on instant ramen and expired Red Bull for so long.

She’s exactly what Jack is looking for now that he’s ​caring for his daughter Sienna full time.

As their professional and intellectual bond deepens, so ​does their attraction, defying the boundaries of ​propriety.

But their burgeoning relationship is haunted by more ​than just the whispers of their peers.

As Quinn and Jack navigate the treacherous waters of ​academia and their own desires (not to mention Sienna’s ​projectile baby vom), they must also confront the illusory ​presence that threatens to tear them apart. Will their ​love survive the dark forces conspiring against them, or ​will they become yet another chapter in the town's ​haunted history?

Fate Trace

Dive into the twisty world of Fate Trace, where love ​and danger intertwine with a darkly comedic twist. ​Each standalone explores the relationships of ​different sets of characters, each navigating their ​unique paths through fate, obsession, and sin.

Together, the Fate Trace series weaves a tapestry of ​dark humor, intense romance, and unforgettable ​characters, each navigating their own twisted love ​story.

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Double Arrowheads Element

Bo​ok One: No Small Sin

Meet Beck and TK, an unconventional pair in ​a dark serial killer romcom that mixes humor ​with the macabre. With a penchant for ​murder and a shared edge of madness, their ​story unfolds with insta-lusty low angst and ​Genna’s typical absence of a third-act ​breakup. Beck may be a killer, but his ​devotion to TK knows no bounds.

Rounded Rectangle

No​ Small Sin Content Warnings

Kinks: praise, light degradation, breath play, ​public sex, somnophilia, light dubcon ​(dubious consent)

Trigger Warnings: violence, death, gun ​violence, descriptive murder, torture, mention ​of sexual predators/sexual assault/rape, ​choking, strangulation, blood, gore, explicit ​language, explicit sexual descriptions, brief ​mention of cheating (not main characters)

Book Two: Sinners Kee​pers

In the sequel, Hunt, Ijah, Alec, and Law form ​an intricate web of love and loyalty in a ​reverse harem setup. Their dark romcom ​journey delves into themes of hurt and ​comfort, showcasing the lengths to which ​these men will go for the woman they adore. ​This lovers-to enemies-to lovers book is filled ​to the brim with heat and suspense, and ​concludes on a satisfying note without the ​added heartbreak of a third-act split.

Rounded Rectangle

Sinners Keepers Content Warnings

Kinks: consensual non-consent (CNC), drunk sex, ​voyeurism, praise, degradation, group sex, ​objectification, breeding, gagging, free use

Trigger Warnings: gun violence, consensual non-​consent (CNC), gore, violence, death, descriptive ​murder, blood, explicit language, explicit sexual ​descriptions, main character recalling past sexual ​assault/abuse, anxiety, trauma, hospital setting/long ​recovery from gunshot wound

Book Three: Dead to S​in

Concluding the series is the sizzling romance ​between Indie and Kiernan, set against the ​unusual backdrop of a mortuary. When Indie ​discovers her one-night stand is her new ​boss, sparks fly in this smutty, romance-​driven plot. Perfectly capable of standing ​alone, this final installment offers a fitting end ​to the Fate Trace saga with its unique blend ​of humor, heat, and heart.

Rounded Rectangle

Dead to Sin Content Warnings

Kinks: praise, exhibitionism, light ​spanking/smacking/impact play, light begging, ​somnophilia, office sex, video chat sex, breath play

Trigger Warnings: death, death anxiety, intrusive ​thoughts/extreme anxiety, stalker (not the MMC), ​dead bodies, death work/care, death of a family ​member/mentor, embalming, surgical ​instruments/procedures, breaking and entering, ​cutting (not self harm), blood, explicit language, ​explicit sexual descriptions, violence



I'm from the middle of nowhere in the ​southeastern US, and writing has always been ​my dream job. I love it more than anything ​else I’ve ever done.

When I’m not writing, I’m hanging out with my ​husband, our four kids, and our veritable zoo ​of animals.

I also enjoy hiking, running, and fixing my ​mental health with early 2000s emo music.

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